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A pillow for a wonderful sleep. Products are oriented towards comfort and health. Lie comfortably, mostieties rested.

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During sleep, the body works to restore itself. Your sleeping position can help or delay this process depending on how effectively it supports the natural stability of the spine. It often happens that people are woken up in the morning by new pains, which are sometimes associated with lying on the face.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping or resting, so it is important to choose a lying position that helps the body to recover physically. The correct position can reduce spinal tension, while the wrong position can increase pain and stiffness in the back, arms or shoulders, while contributing to a lower quality of sleep.

Sleeping position is the main factor in choosing the best pillow for both body alignment and comfort. Price should not be the determining factor.

Use a pillow when lying on your back

When lying on your back, the pillow should support the cervical spine in natural curves or lordosis, providing sufficient support under the head, neck and shoulders. The height of the pillow should be lower than when lying on the side.

In case of neck pain, we recommend the Memory pillow. The pillow ensures the correct position of the head and neck during sleep, its height and hardness can be adjusted by removing or adding filler

Placing one or two pillows under the knees will further relieve back strain. Pillows tend to balance the lumbar spine, reducing pressure on the back and spine joints. This position generally helps the back rest comfortably, and many people believe that this is the only way to sleep during severe back pain or recovering from spine surgery. Any of the simpler, more comfortable pillows, such as Classic pillows, will fit here. Its fiber preserves the structure of the pillow and prevents it from collapsing

Use a pillow when lying on your stomach

Lying on your stomach and back and neck is the most unfavorable position, especially if you have a tendency to contract the spine or have had a spine operation.

If you want to sleep or rest on your stomach, the pillow should be moderately flat or your head should rest directly on the mattress so that the head and neck do not get suffocated. In this position, it is often best to place one relatively flat pillow under the stomach or pelvis to help the lower back maintain its natural alignment. Here we recommend using the memory pillow mentioned above or a natural down and colored pillow 
These pillows are made of natural, high quality cotton fabric, filled with zosu zosu dūnas and colors. Such pillows are characterized by durability and comfort, at the same time, they are sufficiently soft and flexible.

We recommend our cozy and comfortable pregnancy pillows. These pillows are also perfect for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding your baby in this way will relax your shoulders and neck, reduce spinal stiffness.

Use a pillow when lying on your side

When lying on your side, the pillow should support your head and neck so that the spine maintains a straight, natural, horizontal line. Lying on your side requires a thicker pillow than lying on your back. We recommend trying the Microfiber pillow, which is harder and higher than others:

For those of you who like your favorite sleeping position, you will find the most suitable and suitable pillow with us, both for children and for yourself. Check out our online store and give it a try. Have a sweet sleep!